Building #7 at the Annapolis Junction Business Park (AJ7) is a four-story unit built by Harvey-Cleary for Konterra Realty/Boston Properties Partnership. The unit utilized tilt-up construction to meet the Department of Defense’s UFC 4-010-01 code for Medium Level of Protection buildings, including the requirements for Progressive Collapse and Alternate Path. Fidelity Mechanical Services was delegated with constructing and implementing the building’s mechanical systems, including plumbing and HVAC. The mechanical system was designed by Fidelity’s in-house Engineering Group to meet LEED Gold standards, utilizing the BIM process and virtually eliminating field installation trade coordination issues. Fidelity’s group of professional engineers specially developed a design plan with AJ7 building architects to ensure that the mechanical system would work with the building’s state-of-the-art tilt-up construction.

The HVAC design incorporated six AAON Rooftop Units with gas heat, delivering conditioned air through a future tenant-installed Variable Air Volume (VAV) distribution system. Fidelity’s Fabrication Department and Mechanical Construction Group provided and installed all of the core and shell ductwork.

“Because of Fidelity Mechanical Services’ highly-skilled, in-house expertise, we were able to take the Annapolis Junction Business Park project from design to completion,” says Carmine Mistichelli, President/Partner of Fidelity Mechanical Services. “This project is just one example of how our different teams work together to deliver Fidelity’s standard of proactive, world-class service.”

Building construction was completed on schedule and within budget. Fidelity’s in-house Engineering Group submitted a custom application for a BGE rebate that, due to the high efficiency of the HVAC system design, the building received.


Mechanical Contractor – Fidelity Mechanical Services

General Contractor – Harvey-Cleary Builders