Fidelity Engineering‘s Corporate Headquarters houses their main server and is the communication hub for their eight Fidelity Power Systems and Fidelity Mechanical Services locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Serving over 6,000 client sites, including many critical facilities requires that they dispatch their service technicians under almost any circumstance. In addition to high performance building solutions and emergency services, Fidelity provides independent energy consulting and infrastructure planning.

The infrastructure project included the installation of one 500kW Kohler Generator and Transfer Switch, additional dual 10kVA UPS systems (allowing for N+1 critical power redundancy), fiber-optic communication lines and new electric circuitry. The turn-key project was managed by Fidelity’s in-house project team. The project duration was approximately 6 months from conceptual design through implementation and commissioning.

Fidelity Engineering Corporation’s CEO, Dave Lanphar says “Our investment in the disaster recovery infrastructure allows our call center and service teams to remain completely operational during catastrophic events while many of our competitors are in lock-down mode. Furthermore, we are able to leverage the installation of our new emergency generator to provide additional revenues as part of a utility Demand Response program put together by our Energy Group. The stream of revenue derived from the DR program significantly helps offset a great deal of the capital costs.”

In light of the recent devastation associated with Tropical Storm Sandy, the Disaster Recovery Plan implementation proved to be timely. Fidelity was able to not only serve clients in the Mid Atlantic without interruption, but expanded into the Northeast to help those in desperate need.