In May of 2014, Fidelity Mechanical Services was awarded the Chiller Replacement Project for the Telos Corporation, located in Ashburn, VA. This was the first phase of an entire building renovation. The building consists of 90,000 square feet of office space and 100,000 square feet of warehouse space. The original chillers consisted of two 400-ton Trane Centrifugal chillers. The project was fast tracked due to the age of both chillers, with one not functioning. Fidelity Mechanical Services worked with Maryland Trane to acquire the last two chillers in stock, allowing work on Phase One to begin immediately. These new chillers would provide reliability and reduced energy consumption and are, on average, 20% more energy efficient.

Fidelity Mechanical Services began by removing the non-working chiller and dismantling several sections of the new chiller for entry into the plant. Shortly thereafter, the new chiller was up and running which allowed Fidelity to begin the next step to remove and install the second chiller.

Phase Two of the project began in January 2015. This phase incorporates replacing the existing cooling tower, 12 circulating pumps and two 2500 MBH boilers. The new equipment will provide high-energy savings and controllability for the Telos Corporation. The installation will incorporate Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) for all the pumps and cooling tower. High-efficiency boilers will replace one electric boiler and one oil-fired boiler, which is not in use. A new, state-of-the-art Schneider Electric controls system by Benchmark Automation and Controls will be installed. This phase also includes renovating sections of the first floor entry and office areas. This area is conditioned by air handlers that supply Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes that are pneumatically controlled. Several of the existing VAV boxes are being replaced and Fidelity is adding stand-alone Direct Digital Controls (DDC’s), which will connect to the new controls system in the future. The entire project will be complete by June of 2015, with future plans to replace two air handlers yearly until they are all replaced.

“The Telos project required strong coordination with all trades due to the time restraints and the need for the installation to be completed while maintaining an active facility,” says Carmine Mistichelli, President/Partner, Fidelity Mechanical Services. “Fidelity was able to acquire the necessary components for this project in a timely fashion, as well as meet the needs of Telos to perform the installation without disrupting the facility. We expect to deliver this same level of service as we complete Phase Two.”

The Telos Corporation has been pleased with Fidelity’s time-sensitive efforts and recommendations for the more efficient chillers. Fidelity’s approach and results with this project are the foundation for its mechanical services capabilities and proactive, world-class service.