In October of 2013, Fidelity Mechanical Services began a fit-out for the new Boeing Monument View office building located in Arlington’s Crystal City neighborhood. The project involved furnishing and installing the tenant HVAC system for a 350,000 square foot office building comprised of a six story wing and a five story wing that connected to form an “L” shape.

Being that the job was a tenant fit-out, the majority of Fidelity’s work involved connecting new mechanical systems to the building’s core existing systems. Medium pressure ductwork branched off of existing trunk lines and supplied primary air to offices spaces via over 420 Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes. While shut-off type VAV boxes served the interior spaces of the building, parallel fan-powered VAV boxes with electric heat served perimeter office spaces to compensate for the heat loss due to the building’s large windows. Four Air Handling Units and one Make-Up Air Unit were furnished and installed by Fidelity to serve the building’s kitchen, cafeteria, fitness room, multi-purpose room, and 1st Floor Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) offices. These SCIF offices required compliance with various codes to ensure secure mechanical components, including duct non-conductive breaks and manbars.

The building contained numerous Independent Distribution Facilities, Main Distribution Facilities, and A/V Rooms that required nearly continuous cooling due to the mass amount of heat-generating computer equipment located in each of the rooms. These rooms were cooled by a total of fifty-one water cooled Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units that were fed by a closed condenser loop. The closed condenser loop transferred heat to an open condenser loop via a plate-and-frame heat exchanger located in the penthouse. The open condenser loop then tied into the building’s existing cooling tower which rejected heat to the atmosphere .

Due to the size and complexity of Boeing Monument View, the project required exceptional levels of coordination and cooperation from everyone that worked on the job. Each person, from Fidelity’s in-house sheetmetal shop to Fidelity’s subcontractors performed to exemplary standards. The building, which is currently slated to earn LEED Gold certification, is a testament to the team’s hard work and commitment to complete the job on time and within budget.


Mechanical Contractor – Fidelity Mechanical Services

General Contractor – Harvey Cleary Builders