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When considering the evolution of your business, the opportunities are endless and the process can be daunting.

Whether it’s a sale or expansion into a new market or line of business, preserving the legacy of your company is paramount.

John Wissel

“We are currently seeking strategic partners, and as our own story evolves, we can help you write your next chapter.”

John Wissel
Chief Corporate Development Officer / Partner
Office: 410-771-9400
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Fidelity Building Services Group® Key Differentiators

Fidelity BSG differs from the conglomerate OEM’s and large, publicly traded companies by actively fostering the entrepreneurial spirit that has brought you to the step of evaluating options for the future. We encourage your company to leverage our 75+ years of progressive industry experience, and to partner alongside compatible peers that understand the nuances of running successful HVAC/Mechanical, Emergency Power Generation, and Building Automation & Controls companies.

Another Fidelity BSG differentiator is our experienced in-house Corporate Development team, coupled with the support of our investment partner, Onex. Collectively, we have a proven track record of providing businesses with attractive alternatives that yield strategic, operational, and financial success. Partnering with Fidelity BSG allows your business to grow sensibly, maximize resources, and leverage our expertise to drive innovation and growth.


Supporting Your Growth Ambition

Fidelity BSG approaches investments with a commitment to preserve your brand and culture. Each deal is personalized and performed at a pace that works for you. We understand that the continuity of your business and relationships with Team Members and clientele is critical.

It is our credo that Fidelity BSG affiliate companies retain operational control. This practice maintains your flexibility, while providing capital and a supportive infrastructure of devoted professionals who share the goal of providing best-in-class service to your clients.


Partnerships We’re Seeking

Fidelity BSG is currently pursuing strategic partnerships with HVAC/Mechanical, Emergency Power Generation, and Building Automation & Controls companies with a solid track record of success and established commercial, government, educational, and/or industrial clients.


Take the Next Step

As a leading player in technical building services and solutions, Fidelity BSG recognizes top talent and companies with great potential.
We invite you to CONTACT US to talk about your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.

Acquisition Opportunities from Brokers and Advisors Welcome.